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Personal Development Strategist and Human Resources Consultant



Personal Development Coaching

Zircon Consulting offers an exclusive three tier signature coaching program: Outshine, Outshining and OutSHINEize (30, 60 or 90 days, respectively). The programs are designed to help build self-esteem, self-confidence for women who are under-producing and struggling to accomplish their established goals, with integrity, in a masterful, fun and rewarding way. 


Vision Board Workshops

Vision boards are used to help clarify and maintain focus on specific personal and professional goals. These boards, made up of images, pictures, words which are displayed so they are viewed daily! 


Business Etiquette Workshops

Business etiquette teaches how to have good personal and professional exchanges, proper manners and how to engage with co-workers, leaders and the public.  Business etiquette is the cornerstone of professionalism in the workplace and is demonstrated through courtesy, respect, proper communication skills and also include business attire, dining etiquette, as well as email and social media etiquette. 

Navigate 2019 -

Carolyn Gray, Zircon Consulting and Stacey Jata, The Unmuted Life, will share concepts and strategies to help you Navigate 2019

Register at - https://nav2019.eventbrite.com

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